The Johnnyswim Staple Piece

(Photo by Mary Grace Heath) Johnnyswim playing at the Georgia Theatre Thursday, March 30, 2017 in Athens, Georgia.


It is officially spring time in Athens, Georgia where the music scene begins to come back alive after the colder season. 

Though Spring time is known as festival season, in Athens people look to the 40 watt club and the Georgia Theatre for spring concerts. 

There is much more that goes into the music scene than just the music itself. The type of music bands produce influence the clothes people wear. 

On Thursday, March 30, 2017, Johnnyswim came to the Georgia Theatre in Athens, Georgia. 

Johnnyswim is an American folk band that was founded in 2005 in Nashville. 

(Photo by Mary Grace Heath) Johnnyswim singing at the Georgia Theatre Thursday, March 30, 3017 in Athens, Georgia.


During their performance in Athens the couple came out in simple but unique style with their color tones and staple accessories. 

Amanda, the girl lead singer, wore a black midi dress made of a silky material pleated from the waist down that made her piece unique with along silver necklace. Though it was simple, it was classy. 

Abner, the male singer, wore a blue velvet jacket which stood out because of its color and texture along with his felt hat that caught the attention the crowd. 

Johnnyswim’s style influenced a couple concert-goes to wear fun and casual clothes with a staple piece.

For example, one fan wore a simple white top, with black skirt, with her suede yellow shoes being her staple piece. 

A second fan wore a comfy tshirt, jean shorts, white tennis shoes, but a light colored pink cardigan to pull it all together. 

Lastly, another fan wore a white cropped tank top with a high waisted flare skirt, with her black and white boots being her unique choice. 

Fashion is more than just clothes you wear, it becomes a piece of who you are and is influenced by so many different things. 

This is fashiontoday365 where fashion speaks up. 


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