UGA Fashion Week: Lush Fashion Show


Welcome to FashionToday365 podcast where fashion is more than just clothing.

I am Mary Grace Heath.

There is more that goes into fashion than picking out the next best thing. It takes time, planning, research and a team of people to create styles and sourcing for the next season.

I spoke with Erica Whitfield, President of Student Merchandising Association at the University of Georgia about their annual fashion show.

 On February 22, 2017, SMA put on their annual fashion show during UGA fashion week.

 As president, Erica had to direct a lot for the Fashion Show to be put on and also details for their philanthropy “Piece of Thread.” Here she gives more insight on how this all happened.


Erica Whitfield:

“So, I worked pretty hands on with the stores making the relationships with them. Saying, “hey, we liked working with you in the past, do you want to work with us for our show? And here are all the details.” because it is very important to be prepared.”

I also worked on sponsorships because we wanted the whole show to be paid for by sponsors so all profits could go to our philanthropy “Piece of Thread.” Our philanthropy is based out of Atlanta, and they are a non-profit organization that helps refugee women that have come here to America from the Middle East create really high-quality handbags, and give them the business skills to sell those bags and improve their quality of living here.

“It’s cool that we have a fashion related philanthropy that we are raising money for, so it gave us a bigger purpose, above and beyond connecting with local businesses and showing off our styling skills and our fashion show production skills.”

Thank you for listening. This is Mary Grace Heath with FashionToday365 where fashion speaks up.



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