For the Love of Fashion

Morgan Miller, 25, launched The Indigo Child in the fall of 2016, which is located on Clayton Street in downtown Athens, Georgia. The Indigo Child got its name because of how Miller’s clothing and style was referred to when she attended the University of Alabama before graduating last December. On Monday, Feb. 13, Miller expanded on her love for fashion, people, family, music and having purpose behind the clothing she sells. (Photo/Mary Grace Heath)
Monday, Feb. 13, Morgan Miller not only owns and does the background work of The Indigo Child, but works the register as well. Miller is checking a customer out while also restocking inventory where she dreams to see adults with special needs working one day. (Photo/Mary Grace Heath)
Lucy Miller, 21, transferred from the University of Alabama to the University of Georgia and works with her sister and helps her with non-profit goals and projects within the store. Both Millers got new product in and are talking about how much they love that it came in just in time for Valentine’s Day. Monday, Feb. 13, 2017. (Photo/ Mary Grace Heath)
Miller’s goal for starting a clothing shop was to bring purpose to the clothes she has. This picture is of a non-verbal homeless man in Athens, Georgia. Miller’s friend who took the photo went to the man and asked, “write the first word that comes to mind on the card.” The shirt has a story of its own, and ┬ásome of the proceeds go back to a homeless shelter in Athens. Monday, Feb. 13, 2017. (Photo/ Mary Grace Heath)
Monday, Feb. 13, product around The Indigo Child in Athens, Georgia all read quotes of inspiration or encouragement. That is one of the values that Miller lives by, to make people feel good, and Miller wants to do that through the products she sells. (Photo/ Mary Grace Heath)
Monday, Feb. 13, the back wall behind the register at The Indigo Child in Downtown Athens, Georgia, are band posters mounted to the wall. The love Morgan Miller and her family has for music is well represented in the store. The widespread panic poster to the left is one her dad, who passed away when she was young, got during “panic in the streets” in downtown Athens. (Photo/ Mary Grace Heath)


Monday, Feb. 13, bags filled the stage at The Indigo Child boutique in downtown Athens, Georgia. This stage is used for bands to come for events and on some normal shopping days. The love for music is evident all throughout the store. (Photo/ Mary Grace Heath)
At The Indigo Child in Athens, Georgia pillows and wall art hugged the floors and draped the walls on Monday, Feb. 13. Love is not just a seasonal theme here, it is an overarching theme that Morgan Miller, the owner, wants to represent and live by in her store. (Photo/ Mary Grace Heath)



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